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tamtanic is lone musician, based in Bremen / Germany. For years he deleted all his songs, till a friend, who randomly heard some songs, encouraged him to make an album. 

His songs are based on observations of his surroundings. He plays all parts and instruments himself, the few exceptions are listed in the credits.

The debut album is called „waste“ because he threw all his songs over years in the waste. - till now.. 


Konzert Bei Sonnenuntergang
Korössi Telecaster Rock´n Rodeo Fretboard
Gretsch Tenessee Rose Bigsby
Kostenloses Stock Foto zu afroamerikaner junge, anschauen, junge


You can discover here my self-written songs, even before they go to the End-Mix or are displayed on spotify,  apple, deezer, tidal, amazon etc..

To listen to „Waste“ please use the links:

lonely hotel rooms (sneak-song in progress)



The songs are not ready, this is a only sneak preview :)

The next drop in july will be „lonely hotel rooms“

Kostenloses Stock Foto zu afroamerikaner junge, anschauen, junge

New Cover 4 july drop wanted ;-)

Rant edition - june drop

Fight populism!  - hear the Song on spotify and share it! Every one, who thinks about elect a populist schould hear it before!! 

Do it now - august drop?

don´t wait! Song in progress

Lonely hotel rooms - july drop

Song in Progress

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